How will Statewide save me money?

The simple answer:  More for less.  In addition to our many consulting capabilities, Statewide’s Integrated Transport Solutions system gives you more features that will lessen the amount of time your staff spends setting up and tracking patient transportation.  The system is also set up to help ensure the lowest most cost-efficient appropriate mode is ordered each time.

How will Statewide save me time?

Your staff will have more time to spend on other necessary tasks, and have a more productive efficient workday.

Is it easy to use?

Yes!  After your site is customized , its as simple as a few clicks of a mouse to utilize all the features of Statewide’s electronic system.  And then, of course, there is also the personalized training at your facility, just as an extra confidence boost!

Is this system HIPPA complaint?

Yes!  Compliance is always a priority for Statewide EMS Services.  Once  your staff enters patient information into the system, only necessary information is available for transport providers and Statewide EMS Service staff.

Is my facility’s information really secure?

Yes!  Once the system is set up, you decide who has access rights for each part of the Statewide system. Electronic trip scheduler?  Electronic bed board access?  You decide who sees it. 

More Questions? 

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