Bed Viewer

Statewide offers a Web-based Bed Management System
specifically designed for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Hospitals .

Make markers and dry erase boards a thing of the past! 

Enjoy the latest technology with Statewide’s electronic bed board system!

Most admissions personnel spend so much of their time updating white boards or spreadsheets to manage their facilities beds.  Bed Viewer allows administration and admissions staff to see which beds are available, identify characteristics such as gender, isolation precautions, or at risk alerts.

Features and Benefits of Bed Board: 


¨ Real-time monitoring of occupancy and pending discharges at facilities

¨ Assess bed availability for referrals and assign admitted patients to beds

¨ Set gender assignments for beds

¨ View updated census and bed availability at any time

¨ Wisely match the placement of the right patients in the right beds

¨ Reserve and place referred patients in beds

¨ Track available, pending, occupied and closed beds

¨ Management view and multi-facility reports available

Statewide’s Electronic Bed Board efficiently helps skilled nursing facilities accelerate admissions and market more effectively.  This bed management system is an ideal way to track and manage bed availability and census. 

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